Aims & Objectives

BAC Care’s aims and objectives are to provide a viable alternative to admission into residential, nursing care or long stay hospital beds. We aim to provide a service that is service user focused enabling the service user to make real choices with regard to time and duration of and level of support available within the terms of the agreed care plan.

Our Aim’s & Objectives

  • To construct a care plan in full consultation with the service user, with the aim being to provide a service that is outcome based.
  • To promote the welfare and well being of the individual service user receiving our servIce.
  • To provide personal and domestic assistance to enable people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to provide such support as the service user requests in accordance with the care plan.
  • To assist those who need help, because of extreme frailty, disability or illness to live as comfortable and independent a life as possible.
  • To keep under review, and to respond to, the changing needs of the service user in an appropriate way in consultation with the relevant services.
  • To provide a service that is sufficiently flexible to respond quickly to emergencies and, as far as possible to prevent the need for residential care.
  • To ensure that staff involved in the service are sufficiently trained and supported to enable them to discharge adequately the objectives of the company and that such training will be a recognised National Vocational Training.
  • BAC Care also aims to provide a service that, as far as possible, meets the individual needs and takes full account of and is sensitive to the race, religion, and cultural background of the service user.
  • BAC Care is under the management of a suitable qualified and experienced registered manager who is accountable for the quality of the service provided and the service objectives.
  • BAC Care will not countenance any behaviour that intentionally or curatively erodes or denies a persons self esteem, contentment and human dignity.