Owned by:


Mrs. Beverly Counsell - Managing Director 1996 to present.

John Counsell

Mr. John Counsell - Company Secretary 2002 to present

Team Leaders:

Donna BoltonMrs Donna Bolton - Team Leader
2008 - Present

Donna joined the Company as a Carer in 2008. After showing us how committed and dedicated she was to her clients and her work colleagues she was promoted to Team Leader for the Faversham area in February of this year. Donna has also attained her NVQ2 in care and is currently doing her NVQ 3.

Fay SandsMs Fay Sands - Team Leader
2002 - Present

Fay joined the Company as a Carer in 2002. She became a Team Leader in 2004 and became the Company’s supervisor in 2006. Fay has shown her commitment to the safe continuity of our Services and her feedback is greatly appreciated by everyone at BAC Care. Fay has also attained her NVQ 3.

Operated by:

DebbieMrs. Debbie Pilikington - Registered Manager
1997 - Present

Debbie joined the Company as a Carer in 1997 and was promoted to Team Leader in 1998 she held this position for 2 years and then gained experience as a care co-ordinator for a further 2 years, she was then acting Manager until she passed her NVQ 4 in business Management in 2003. Since this time Debbie has been the registered Manager of the organisation running the business day to day and our client service provision.

Sue MacknessMrs. Sue Mackness - Senior Care Co-ordinator
2000 - Present

Sue joined the Company in 2000 as a Carer and was keen to become the Company Co-ordinator for the sittingbourne area. When this post became vacant in 2002 sue applied for the position, and is still in this post. She has extensive knowledge of the service users and what is available to them socially in the local area.

Joanne OakleyMiss. Joanne Oakley - Care Co-ordinator
2006 - Present

Jo joined the Company in 2006 as a Carer until she became co-ordinator for the Faversham area in 2009. She went on to gain her NVQ’s in care and was promoted to Care Co-ordinator for the larger Sheppey area in 2010 and currently remains in this position.

Amanda OakleyMrs. Amanda Oakley - Services Assessor
2006 - Present

Amanda joined the Company in 2006 as a Carer and had already gained experience working with people who have disabilities. Amanda gained further experiences with the elderly when she joined the Company. She was promoted to Company Assessor after gaining her NVQ Level 3 in 2010. Her role now is to continue to improve service delivery – communication between all involved parties.