Our Services

With the approval of the service user, and under the supervision of the companies manager or assessor the Carer will attend to the personal care, domestic assistance, social needs and rehabilitation of the service user, aiming to create an environment in which the service user can achieve and maintain independence in their own homes. These tasks will vary, depending on the needs of the individual service user.

Personal Care

Personal care involves the performing of tasks that the service user is unable to perform without assistance, the lack of which would result in significant risk of substantial harm or deterioration in quality of life.

Personal care is limited to what might be provided by a competent caring relative able to respond to emotional as well as physical needs, where no clinical intervention or invasive procedures or attention are required, and as part or an overall care plan.

Examples of Personal Care are as follows:

  • Help with bathing/washing, toileting
  • Help getting in and out of bed
  • Help to get dressed and undressed
  • Help with feeding
  • Routine haircare
  • Oral hygiene
Domestic Care

Domestic care tasks are those that are broadly concerned with Cleaning and assistance with daily living tasks, but excluding physical care for the individual service user.

Examples of domestic assistance are as follows:

  • Cleaning of baths, sinks and toilets etc.
  • Bed making/changing
  • Washing floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Polishing furniture
  • Washing of clothes
  • Ironing
  • Shopping for food and other household essentials
  • Cooking